Choosing an ATV for a Child

Choosing an ATV for a Child

Riding ATVs can be an ideal fun activity for the entire family to share together. Undeniably, potential dangers are involved, which is why children should attain a certain maturity level before riding. They also must, of course, be physically able to safely reach and control the handlebars and brakes. The next thing to consider is ensuring that you have the right all-terrain vehicle for your child. Some helpful tips are below.

Tips on Choosing ATVs for Children

The factors to consider when choosing an ATV for a child include the ATV type, how much power the vehicle has, how fast it can travel, drive mechanism, supervisory controls adults can use, brake and foot controls, and prevention of burns or avoiding an uncomfortable amount of heat.

ATV Type. Although you can choose between three-wheelers and four-wheelers for children, a four-wheeler is really the only choice, if you are putting safety at the forefront of your decisions. A four-wheeler provides a greater level of stability and is not as prone to overturning onto its side. Three-wheelers have actually been banned, but they are only available as after-market purchases.

Speed and Power. Size suggestions for young ATV riders have been provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The organization suggests that children under 16 should not use an adult-sized ATV with an engine of 90cc or greater. Guidelines for engine sizes for children are also offered by manufacturers, to ensure safe use. Recommendations follow:
• It is recommended that children under 6 do not ride ATVs.
• Children between ages 6 and 11 are safest riding an ATV with an engine size under 70cc. The maximum speed is about 24 miles per hour, though many ATVs provide the option of using a speed governor. For example, an ATV can be set to have a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.
• Children between ages 12 and 15 are safest riding an ATV with an engine size between 70cc and 90cc. A speed limiter on a 90cc typically tops out at 15 mph.
• Children age 16 and older should be able to safely ride an ATV with an engine size over 90cc.

Drive Line. For beginning riders, automatic, single-speed transmissions are perfect. An automatic transmission offers greater safety and reasonable speed for novices.

Supervisory Controls. Parents can enjoy greater peace of mind when their children are riding ATVs because supervisory controls are available. Types of supervisory controls include: remote shut-off switches, throttle limiters, and exhaust restrictors.

Children need to be properly trained to operate the braking system on an ATV. In addition, hot engine components such as the exhaust and muffler need to be guarded to prevent burns, unless they are located in a position that doesn’t pose a threat to safety.

A final tip for parents is to ensure that children wear the recommended clothing to enhance safety. Riding ATVs is the kind of hobby that no one wants to have cut short for any reason. Getting children properly situated with the right ATV is just another way to stay on off-road adventure trails longer.

Scenic Adventures

As an ATV / UTV enthusiast, the chances are pretty good that you have money to spend on your adventurous hobby. Sure, there are plenty of excellent ATV trails to ride in Louisiana and other not-too-distant locations, and they are all worth exploring. But why not add a trip to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to get in on Scenic Safaris, which is something completely different? Not too far away, you can also have all new thrills at ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours in Washington, Utah.

What Does Scenic Safaris Offer for ATV Lovers?

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About ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours in Utah

ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours provides ATV and Jeep-UTV tours in unique, breathtaking country that includes rocky outcroppings and a lot of red rocks and sand. There are several tours to choose from. The “Red Rock Rally” is a full-day tour lasting approximately 5 hours. You will ride through an area dubbed “Jurassic Park” because of pre-historic-looking formations. You can enjoy hiking, exploring, and taking plenty of photos. A tasty picnic lunch is provided. This is your chance to experience the terrain of Southern Utah.

Zion National Park is where you’ll find ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours. The terrain is marked by valleys, trails, sand, and rocks. The large ATVs available for tours can handle any weight limit – there’s an ATV that’s just right for a wide range of sizes. Another option is to ride a Jeep-UTV, whether a two-seater or four-seater. These vehicles are more like cars, with seat belts, brake and gas peddles, mirrors, and a steering wheel.

An extra attraction you can get on is zip-lining 800 feet over dessert sagebrush and cliffs. There’s no other experience quite like it.

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Tips On Preparing A Child For Safe Riding On An ATV

With proper precautions, children can safely get in on the fun of riding ATVs. Hopefully, parents will have already evaluated such things as maturity and the child’s ability to reach all of the components involved with riding. A few helpful tools are available to parents, to further ensure the safety of their kids. The following information may be all you need to get kids started on off-road trails.

Supervisory Controls
Supervisory controls that you can add to your child’s ATV can bring a lot of peace of mind. Some of the controls that adults can use as a way of supervising beginning ATV riders include the following:
• Throttle limiters, which create the condition of maintaining slower speeds.
• Exhaust restrictors reduce the amount of power the engine releases.
• Remote shut-off switches can be in the form of a tether or stop leash that an adult can pull as a way of operating a switch the shuts off the engine. More expensive styles are available that can be activated at a further distance from the child’s ATV.

Take Note of Design Features
There are certain design characteristics in ATVs that are safer than others, making some best for children’s ATVs. Brakes, for instance, can be in the rear only or in the front and rear, with independent controls. It’s best to acquaint children with proper use of the brakes. Help reduce the danger of possibly losing control due to sharp braking. The design of the foot peg or rear fenders should make it difficult for a child’s foot to be able to slip off and get caught underneath the rear wheel.

Certain components can potentially cause burns, and their location shouldn’t be positioned so that a child is at risk. This includes the exhaust and muffler, though there are other engine components that may need to be guarded, to provide protection against heat.

Proper Dress
The best type of helmet, for maximum protection, has a full face shield. Helmets should always be approved by a Department of Transportation and/or SNELL, which will be indicated on the helmet. Many inexpensive helmets don’t have these approval ratings, which means they may not provide adequate protection. For riding an ATV, a child should also have over-the-ankle shoes with heels and soles that won’t slip as well as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and gloves.

Safe Operation
ATV operation rules should always be strictly followed, and it’s especially important when children are involved. These rules include using reflectors, riding safely without trying to perform stunts, never carrying passengers, and staying off of paved and public roads.

Riding an ATV may be all about fun for a child, or it could be because a child is helping with some type of chore. Either way, children can enjoy and stay safe, when these tips are taken into consideration.

Is Your Child Ready to Safely Operate an ATV?

Riding ATVs is fun, especially when the entire family can take part. Most quads are single-riders. ATVs aren’t really ideal with a passenger, by nature of the rough terrain being driven on, anyway. It’s not recommended that children under 10 operate an ATV. Children 10 and over may not be ready, however. Child readiness is something a parent should take care to evaluate before putting a child behind the wheel of an ATV.
Consider Youth Readiness
Children have varying degrees of physical and emotional development and maturity. A child who has developed and demonstrates focus, reasoning, decision-making skills, and discipline is better equipped for the responsibility of driving a quad safely than a child without some of those qualities. Visual perception and coordination of a child should also be considered, before buying him or her an ATV.
Emotional Maturity
To determine a child’s level of readiness for driving their own ATV, emotional maturity should be carefully evaluated. Due to inherent risks of riding quads, it’s essential that riders follow or obey rules of riding. A child may behave erratically due to a lack of understanding about the risks. As a result, he or she is much more likely to be injured or killed.
Parents should be aware that size doesn’t indicate that a person has sufficient maturity to safely operate an ATV. The ability to reach all the controls is less important than major judgment and an ability to deal with any of the things that can happen when riding. Thanks to the North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT), there is a guideline to determine youth readiness for operating an ATV on the “Farm with an ATV” page.
Physical Development
Can the child ride a bike easily? This is a fundamental test of an ability to safely control an ATV. To operate an ATV, a child with a hold on the handlebars standing on the foot rests should have a minimum of 3 inches of clearance between the seat of the pants and the ATV seat. Test to see whether the child can maneuver the handlebars all the way to the left and the right. A child must also be capable of operating the throttle and squeezing the brake lever with one hand, as the controls are meant to be used. Lastly, the child should be able to shift weight while maintaining balance – left to right and side to side.
Be sure to check the Outdoor Powerhouse blog later for information on choosing the right ATV for a child who has passed the readiness test.

Great Gifts For Men Who Ride ATVs

Been shopping for ties for Father’s Day or maybe some other last-minute gift? Don’t fall into the trap of buying old standbys, if your dad or husband loves riding ATVs. There are better gifts to express your affection. You know how much he loves outings. Why not equip him to get a little more enjoyment out of his favorite hobby? Some ideas are below that might be perfect for the man you’re shopping for.

State-of-the-art Lounge Chair
The way your dad loves his chair at home is the same for his outdoor furniture. Give your dad a gift that lets him keep on sitting in style. A zero-gravity lounge chair might be the perfect thing. To be precise, Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair would be perfect. It has heavy-duty construction. It’s large and roomy. You know it will last because it has a durable steel frame. Whether on a campout, on the trail, or in the backyard, your dad will love kicking back in this lounge chair.

Yeti Rambler
Does your dad have a Yeti yet? In the South, there’s always the challenge of keeping enough ice around to ensure drinks are nice and cold. With the Yeti, your dad’s favorite drinks will stay hot or cold for something like 36 hours. These cups are the answer to the prayers of many. Pour a cold drink into it and add a cube of ice or two, and the ice won’t melt for more than a day. Your dad will appreciate you with every sip, on a hot summer afternoon.

For the Practical Dad – The Perfect Fuel Jug
The Pit Posse 5-Gallon Fuel Jug with Hose may seem like an awful idea for a Father’s Day gift, kind of like giving Mom an iron for Mother’s Day. But for the practical dad, this may be the gift that really shines. Fuel for an ATV or a UTV can quickly become a problem, if you’re not readily equipped. These specially designed jugs make it quick and easy to dump five gallons of gas into an off-road vehicle. Best of all, there is no huge mess to deal with.

Mechanix Gloves
Having the correct equipment makes any hobby more fun and possibly safer, as well. Mechanix Gloves are a great gift and a great investment for a serious quad-rider. They aren’t just good for working on an ATV, however. In the garage working on a child’s dirt bike or any other mechanical work can be done with proper hand protection, if your dad has these excellent gloves.

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More Tips For Buying A Used ATV

There’s no way around spending money when your hobby is riding ATVs. It’s a very expensive pastime. Quad riders buy accessories like a shopping addict gets hooked on all the latest shopping channel gadgets. When you’re ready to buy an ATV, the best way to save money is to buy used. It’s a gamble, however, to an extent. ATVs are made for playing hard and working hard. The wear and tear can do damage real quick, if an ATV isn’t meticulously maintained. Below are suggestions on how to tell whether a used quad Louisiana is a good purchase.

What to look for in a used ATV
It’s never a good idea to buy a used ATV until careful inspection has been done. These are off-road vehicles meant to ride over the roughest of terrain, but that doesn’t mean riding adventures won’t take their toll on the vehicle. The following are some tips and specifics, so you can determine whether a quad is a good purchase or not.

• Inspect CV joint boots on a 4×4 ATV. If there are any tears or cracks, it means dirt and water has been allowed to enter. If the CV joint boots aren’t in excellent condition, you can expect that costly repairs will soon be needed.
• Remove and inspect the front and rear differential inspection plugs on a 4×4 ATV, if possible. Check the gear lube. If it resembles chocolate milk, it means the oil has become contaminated with water and it’s possible the bearings are damaged.
• Closely inspect the frame for signs of cracks or rust, including the shock mounts, intersections of frame components, and A-arm mounts.
• Inspect the undercarriage for signs of damage or serious dents. The best way to do this is to raise the ATV and prop it on the rear grab bar.
• Check the engine oil, looking for signs of contamination.
• Look for rust in the gas tank by shining a flashlight inside.
• Take off the air box lid underneath the seat. If water has collected there, it could mean the engine is damaged.
• Check the parking, foot, and hand brakes. They should operate smoothly. Also check for cracked or damaged cables.
• Inspect the exhaust, looking for oil dripping from it. See whether the spark arrestor is in place, a required component in most state parks and national forests.

Of course, take a test drive and take note of how easily the ATV starts up. Any of the issues mentioned above could mean expensive repairs are needed. Weigh those costs against the asking price and make sure the quad is worth the money. Figure in how much of a delay you’re willing to deal with for needed repairs before hitting the trails.

ATV Riding and Unexpected Thrills at Black Hills National Forest

If you’re looking for an excellent destination road trip for awesome ATV trails plus other unique, unforgettable experiences, Black Hills National Forest is perfect.

ATV Trails at Black Hills National Forest

In western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming, the Black Hills National Forest covers 1.2 million acres. Amazing experiences are to be had for people who love a wide range of outdoor activities. The forest is also known as an “Island in the Plains,” with hills rising up from the prairie. Explore more than 600 miles of ATV trails and enjoy such sights and terrain as gulches, plains, canyons, and incredible rock formations.

The ATV trails are not always marked on the ground, but they are well-maintained. If you keep a map with you, it should help you find your way down the many exciting trails. Whether you want to devote two hours or a couple of days to riding ATVs, Black Hills National Forest is a great option.

Unexpected surprises

Black Hills National Forest is where Mount Rushmore National Memorial is, which draws millions of visitors annually. There are numerous unique and exciting attractions in the area, many which surprise tourists every year. When you head out for a memorable ATV excursion, check out the following activities, as well:

• Wind Cave National Park is not far away, and it has the world’s densest cave system. The cave system is still being discovered, at the rate of about 4 new miles each year. Near Custer, you can visit the third longest explored cave on the planet, Jewel Cave National Monument, which has beautiful calcite crystals.
• Visit Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota, which was North America’s largest and deepest gold mine until its closing in 2002. Many scientific discoveries have been unearthed there, in addition to gold.
• South Dakota has some of the grandest waterfalls anywhere. While in the northern Black Hills, visit Bridal Veil Falls and Roughlock Falls along the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, which is a highway not to be missed if you’re anywhere nearby.
• There are five different wineries complete with tasting rooms that you can enjoy along Highway 385, which is referred to by locals as “wine trail.” If beer is your forté, visit breweries in Rapid City or in the Black Hills.

Destination Black Hills National Forest

Riding ATVs and UTVs for sport is never-ending fun. Even better, it can lead you to big adventures like riding, exploring, and experiencing tons of excitement in places like Black Hills National Forest.